Brady Speers Family

Welcome to Our Site!

If your life is focused on things, money, power, position and accomplishments, then you’re missing the mark. Life is much better when it’s focused on others.

This website is only about one thing – promoting the charities and organizations we give to in hopes to draw more attention and support from others. Giving makes the heart feel good and people’s lives depend on us too.

Our family focus is mainly on those that provide assistance and help to children. We aren’t rich by the world’s standards. We are average “Joes” with a heart to get more average “Joes” behind these needs. If 1,000,000 people gave $5 in one day…you can do the math. We can change world one person at a time, and dollars makes lives better around the world.

Join us in our efforts. Enjoy the site and find a way you too can join in the fun!

Life is Good and so is God!

Brady & Julie Speers!